It’s beenĀ a little over a month but I’ve finally released version 1.8.

This release fixes a handful of bugs (some you probably didn’t even notice), some UI enhancements, a few suggestions put forward by users, and most notably support for the new Chrome extension.

The full changelog reads:

  1. Option to show comment threads in right pane.
  2. Added Chrome extension support (download).
  3. Added option to disable email notifications.
  4. Administrators can now delete/create projects from front-end when setting is disabled.
  5. Administrators can now reassign tasks from front-end when setting is disabled.
  6. Administrators see full project nav on front-end regardless of setting.
  7. Task Name field is in focus when clicking ‘New Task’ button.
  8. New Task page in admin shows attachments and improved presentation.
  9. Improved comment thread presentation.
  10. Comments, task info and attachments now stay visible when editing a task.
  11. Fixed client page bug for certain server environments.
  12. Fixed z-index issue for date picker on new task dialogue.
  13. Swapped out deprecated function.
  14. Misc bug fixes.
  15. Presentation updates.

As always your feedback is welcome.

Go get it.