UPDATE: 1.4.0 has launched. Update now.

wProject 1.4.0 is not far away. Assuming the testing team doesn’t have any complaints, this build should be safe to push out this coming weekend.

So what’s new? A lot actually. As well as having support for the upcoming Clients Pro plugin, wProject 1.4.0 has several new enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes.

Here’s the complete changelog.


  1. Complete re-engineering of the time logging system.
  2. New option to limit team members to projects they are working on.
  3. Additional support for the Clients Pro plugin.
  4. Improved search results (returns pages, files and tasks).
  5. New option to add a message to the dashboard.
  6. New option to force users to upload a profile photo during onboarding process.
  7. New option to add spacing between tasks listed on project pages.
  8. New option to send user notification when creating a task for them
  9. New presentation option – System busy state.
  10. New option to deny access to the team page.
  11. New Response message position option – Bottom full width.
  12. Notification messages can now be revived after being dismissed.
  13. Client emphasis when viewing project team.
  14. Significant improvement to top icons user experience.
  15. Top icons notifications can be dismissed faster and show an animation while working.
  16. Show a clock icon on a task if time is currently being recorded on it.
  17. Indicate if a user is recording time on task page.
  18. Temporarily emphasise tasks on project pages.


  1. Moved admin ‘Response message position’ into the ‘Presentation’ options.
  2. Removed some redundant database queries to gain performance improvements.
  3. Presentation improvements (front and back ends).
  4. Added links on admin settings dashboard.
  5. Added theme update check button.
  6. Renamed ‘Google Hangouts’ to Google Meet’ on user account page.
  7. Removed ‘Logged time increments’ setting.
  8. Added more options for recent tasks on user account page.
  9. Moved logout button away from main navigation into lower left position.
  10. Project manager no longer shown among the team avatars on projects.
  11. Moved project name into right navigation when on task page.
  12. Upgraded theme updater framework.
  13. Added descriptions to widgets.
  14. Show comment counts.
  15. Updated Portuguese translation.
  16. Updated logo.


  1. Admin CSS cache-buster.
  2. Some minor presentation issues in dark mode.
  3. Inaccurate team member count on project page under certain conditions.
  4. Inaccurate ‘My latest tasks’ count on dashboard under certain conditions.
  5. Hide the ‘Create Task’ button on dashboard when users are not allowed to create tasks.
  6. Rare error message complaining about the project name when editing a project.
  7. Error when search results tried to return a project name.
  8. Issue where right pane could not overflow scroll.
  9. Issue where deleted task with time in progress would prevent user from recording time on a new task.
  10. Issue where links in comments would not wrap.
  11. Issue where WordPress would insert default widgets after fresh installation.
  12. Issue where ‘Completed projects navigation visibility’ settings was not being honoured under certain conditions.
  13. Issue where unowned task showed incorrect avatar (now shows a ghost avatar).
  14. Issue with some progress bar percentages.

About the new Time Tracking system

The new time tracking system is now significantly more functional. Instead of having just one time entry for any given task, the new system will log each time recorded individually, even if the task swaps hands with other team members. This offers much better visibility of how the task is progressing.

You can also edit or delete time entries, and an overtime warning will show next to any logged time that goes past any value you set (in the settings area). For example, you might want to show a warning for any time logged that is over 8 hours long, which assumes that the user simply forgot to stop the timer and let it run over night.

Unfortunately the improvements come at a cost. Any time you may have been tracking already on tasks will not be carried over when you update to wProject 1.4.0 (total time on projects will be affected in the same way).

Despite my best efforts (believe me, I tried for days) there was no way around this because the new system is fundamentally too different from the previous one.

For what it’s worth, I do have a couple of suggestions.

  1. Make note of any existing time on tasks, and then manually add them into the new system. The new system lets you manually edit any tracked time, so you could just start a timer, then stop it, then manually update the time entry (this will also add the correct total time to the project).
  2. If it’s not that important, you could just not track time on existing projects and only start on new projects going forward.

I realise none of these options are perfect, but if you have any concerns let me know and together we might be able to work something out.

Reports Pro update on the way

The new time management system in wProject 1.4.0 affords other possibilities, and for Reports Pro I have added a new section that shows the most time that was logged on the project. A new admin setting also allows you to specify how many to show on the report.

The Reports Pro v0.1.4 update will be released at the same time as wProject 1.4.0, and relies on wProject 1.4.0 to run.

If you have any questions about any of this, you know how to find me.