Back in January 2020 I wrote extensively about an up and coming project I was working on, and specifically mentioned that it would be a successor to Task Rocket. I also mentioned it would launch sometime in March, and here we are.

As of today wProject is available for purchase. The past few weeks have been dedicated to squashing bugs reported by real world users during beta feedback, implementing features and changing some existing functionality, making it a far superior product to Task Rocket.

What does it mean for Task Rocket

I wrestled with this decision for a long time, but everyone I discussed it with agrees it’s the best way to move forward.

Task Rocket has reached end of life status, and consequently is not available to download any more. But it won’t stop you from continuing to use Task Rocket and its plugins without any limitations. It just means that I will no longer be working on the product.

Given Task Rocket and wProject are both project management systems, it doesn’t make any sense to have them compete against each other, and so one of them has to go.

While on the subject of end of life, I also decided to remove Invoice Rocket and its plugins, as the app was not as popular as I’d hoped.

As mentioned, this was not an easy decision. Removing two major themes and sixteen plugins will absolutely result in reduced income, but I feel I should devote what time and resources I have to the best performing products.

What about support for Task Rocket and Invoice Rocket plugins?

If you own a Task Rocket or Invoice Rocket plugin that is still within its 12 month life span, I will of course honour the support agreement.

Can I upgrade to wProject from Task Rocket?

No. Task Rocket and wProject are fundamentally different at the core, and consequently at the time of this publication there is no easy way to upgrade from Task Rocket.

If you have any questions about this, you know how to find me.

Where can I get wProject?

You can learn more about wProject here, or buy it now.