Better Address for Gravity Forms

Easily include States, Provinces, Regions and more into the address fields in Gravity Forms.

What does this plugin do?

This add-on will let you easily include States, Provinces, Regions and more into the address field of any Gravity Form.

You can also specify the default state, and also decide if you’d prefer email notifications to come through with either the name or the code (for example New York or NY).

What countries are supported?

Better Address for Gravity Forms currently supports the following:

  1. Argentinian Provinces
  2. Angolan Provinces
  3. Australian States
  4. Bangladesh Districts
  5. Bolivian Departments
  6. Brazilian States
  7. British Countries
  8. Bulgarian Districts
  9. Chinese Provinces
  10. Greek Administrations
  11. Hong Kong Districts
  12. Hungarian Counties
  13. Indian States
  14. Indonesian Provinces
  15. Iranian Provinces
  16. Irish Countries
  17. Italian Regions
  18. Japanese Prefectures
  19. Liberian Countries
  20. Malay States
  21. Mexican States
  22. Moldovan Districts
  23. Nepalis Provinces
  24. Netherlands Provinces
  25. New Zealand Regions
  26. Nigerian States
  27. Pakistanis Provinces
  28. Paraguayan Departments
  29. Peruvian Regions
  30. Philippines Provinces
  31. Romanian Counties
  32. South African Provinces
  33. Spanish Provinces
  34. Swiss Cantons
  35. Tanzanian Regions
  36. Thai Provinces
  37. Turkish Provinces

Where is the settings interface?

To access the settings, go to Forms -> Settings -> Better Address

How do I use the plugin?

Go to Forms -> Settings -> Better Address and select which locales to enable. Click the Update Settings button.

Now on any Gravity Form (new or existing) you will be able to choose which locale to be the default for the address field, and optionally which state to make the default.

For example, if you enabled Swiss Cantons in the settings interface, it would be among the Address Types you can choose from when adding an address field. Note also that the Zip/Postal Code label changes appropriately.

Where do I enter my plugin license key?

You will need the Rocket Apps Plugin Manager (free).

Once activated, go to Rocket Apps and click on Better Address for Gravity Forms, then enter your license key and hit the Activate button.

Rocket Apps plugin manager

Is the price of this plugin once only or per year?

That’s up to you.

12 months after initial purchase you will have the option to renew your support license, but you don’t have to.

If you decide not to renew your license after 12 months, your product will continue to work as expected without any restriction, but it simply will not be able to receive updates or be entitled to support.

Country accuracy

Although care is taken to make sure  information for each country is accurate, it is very easy to inadvertently misinterpret the naming or phrasing of a region. If you believe this is the case for a specific country, please send a message and it will be amended (at no charge of course).

Additionally, if your country is currently not included, we will update the plugin to include it (also at no charge) as long as you do the leg-work of providing us with the relevant information.


0.9 (28th August 2019)

  • Initial release