Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and Rocket Apps, describing the responsibilities of both parties and how they apply to all Rocket Apps products, both free and paid.

By downloading any Rocket Apps product, you acknowledge and agree to the following:


Unless a multiple site license was purchased, purchasing a Rocket Apps product grants the licensee a single license to activate on a single instance of WordPress (using your activation key on more than one instance of WordPress simultaneously will invalidate it).


Refunds can be claimed within the first 30 days from the time of purchase if the licensee feels the product is not suitable.

Support, Updates and License

  • Support will only be offered if the minimum requirements for the product and WordPress are met.
  • The frequency of updates of all Rocket Apps products are at the discretion of Rocket Apps.
  • Purchasing any Rocket Apps product entitles the licensee to 12 months support and updates for the product, starting from the date of purchase, or date of license renewal.
  • Support cannot be offered to help resolve issues related to the use of 3rd party plug-ins, hosting configuration or any other circumstances that are not the responsibility of Rocket Apps.
  • Support is only offered for products obtained from rocketapps.com.au.

Split License for Theme Assets

CSS, JS and all image/SVG assets contained within Rocket Apps themes and plugins fall outside the GPL coverage, and will require the purchase of a commercial developer license if you intend to use them in a re-purposed scenario where you generate income. The cost of the commercial developer license will depend on your intentions. Learn more about the GPL for more information.

Website Assets

All original logos, screenshots, text and related product images at rocketpps.com.au are the copyright property of Rocket Apps. The GPL does not extend to allowing their use outside of this website.

Product Price Increases

Although rare, the price of some Rocket Apps products may increase over time to account for inflation and market conditions. Unfortunately previous product prices can not be grandfathered.

Special Offers

Special offers or discount codes can only be redeemed at the time of purchase. They cannot be applied retroactively.


  • Rocket Apps products will work with the minimum requirements and / or dependencies mentioned on each respective product page.
  • No guarantee is made that Rocket Apps products will work when combined with all 3rd party WordPress plug-ins.
  • The wProject theme must be installed on a fresh instance of WordPress.


  • Any loss of data, loss of productivity or other technical issues related to the operating of a Rocket Apps product is the responsibility of the licensee.
  • The licensee is responsible for procuring their own hosting service and WordPress to use Rocket Apps software.
  • The licensee is responsible for making sure their hosting environment meets the minimum WordPress requirements for running Rocket Apps products, along with adequate security precautions.
  • The licensee is responsible for maintaining frequent backups of their database and files.
  • Rocket Apps products come without a warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Terms and Conditions Updates

  • These terms and conditions may be updated at any time without notice.
  • All Rocket Apps product license holders are bound by these Terms and Conditions.