Support for PHP 7 in wProject has ended

All software eventually becomes obsolete, PHP 8 is the future for now.

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Rocket Apps Blog: Support for PHP 7 in wProject has ended

As PHP 7 has long since reached end-of-life status, so does its support in wProject and the dedicated plugins.

The final release of PHP 7 was way back in November 2019, and according to WordPress stats (at the time of this post) WordPress installations running on PHP 8.x combined account for 42.46% globally. And although combined installations still running on PHP 7.x are slightly higher at 51.81%, it’s worth noting that it’s also steadily in decline as PHP 8 numbers rise.

What does it mean for wProject?

If you’re running PHP 8 already, well done. If you’re still on PHP 7, wProject should continue to work fine for now, but bear in mind that maintenance and testing on older versions of PHP will not be carried out going forward.

As a general rule, if a vendor no longer supports a particular version of their own software (and they even recommend you not use it), I see no reason to support it.

All software eventually becomes obsolete and PHP 8 is better for many reasons, not just including enhanced performance, improved security and long-term support and maintenance.

If you haven’t upgraded to PHP 8 yet, talk to your web host or sys admin about it as soon as you can. Some web hosts already give you the option to choose by logging into your hosting account interface, in which case it should only be a few clicks to upgrade. Either way it’s trivial.

If you have any questions about this, make contact.

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