Hi! I’m glad you stopped by.

While many believe that Rocket Apps is some big faceless corporate entity, the truth is it’s all the hard work of a one-man-army, yours truly, Michael Ott (my friends call me Mike, feel free to do the same).

Some of you may remember Task Rocket when it first launched many years ago as a stand-alone theme for WordPress, but when I eventually created several more pro and free products that went beyond just servicing Task Rocket, I decided to take on a moniker that better reflected having several software applications under my belt – hence the name Rocket Apps was born.

I’ve been a web professional for 20+ years, with the past 10 years almost exclusively focused on creating custom WordPress solutions and plugins. I also work with WordPress in my day job as lead web developer for a local digital marketing agency, where I design and create extensively with PHP and JavaScript.

Furthering my geek cred, I’ve also contributed my spare time and expertise as a judge for the official Australian Web Awards (2011 – 2017), built a few Chrome extensions, some free WordPress plugins, and am an official ambassador for Gitkraken.

Outside of Rocket Apps

I’m a big believer in family first, and so when I’m not taking care of Rocket Apps business all my energy goes into spending time with my wife and our two daughters at our home in Perth, Western Australia.

Quick fact: Every dollar I make from Rocket Apps goes directly into funding their education and my own medical needs (I was diagnosed with a chronic illness about 10 years ago, for which there is no cure), which was the primary motivating factor to start selling my own products.

I’m generally a private person, which makes publicating this page a big deal for me. But at the same time I understand that potential customers might want to know who they are doing business with, and that’s totally cool.

How to contact me

You can simply hit the contact page for any business enquiries, or if you’d just like to talk about anything else, feel free to email me direct.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!