Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce

Send leads from the WooCommerce checkout to Campaign Monitor.

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The settings interface of the Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce plugin for WordPress

What does Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce do?

Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce lets you place a checkbox in the WooCommerce checkout, allowing you to send leads to Campaign Monitor.

This requires:

The plugin can be configured with several options, including:

  • Customise the checkbox label
  • Select the checkbox placement in the checkout form
  • Include the customer name when pushing to Campaign Monitor
  • Enable the checkbox by default
  • Hide the “optional” part of the label
  • Resubscribe
  • Enable logging (for developers)

Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce

Where are the settings?

Go to Settings -> Campaign Monitor Pro for Woo to configure the plugin.

How to configure Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce

Setting up only takes a minute or two.

  • Go to Settings -> Campaign Monitor Pro for Woo.
  • Enter your API keys into the respective API Client ID and API key fields.
  • Click the Save Settings button (this is initially required) and wait for the page to reload.
  • Click the Fetch Lists button (this will return all the lists associated with the API credentials you entered).
  • Select the list you want to push leads to.
  • Configure any of the remaining optional settings.
  • Hit the Save Settings button.

Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce

Where can I find my Campaign Monitor API keys?

This plugin requires two API keys, both provided by Campaign Monitor.

  • Log in to your Campaign Monitor account.
  • Select the client you want to push leads to.
  • Click on Settings and select API & integrations.
  • Scroll down to API Key.

Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce

What does the Resubscribe setting do?

Resubscribe, as the name implies, will resubscribe a subscriber that was previously subscribed or deleted.

If the subscriber is currently already in the unsubscribed or deleted sections of the list, enabling this setting will add them to the active list.

It is recommended you use this setting with caution and respect the privacy laws of the countries you operate in. In many locales, the law usually stipulates that if a person had previously unsubscribed, it is illegal to resubscribe them without their explicit consent. Laws within your jurisdiction may be different, so research it if you’re uncertain.

The plugin will warn you before allowing it to be enabled.

What does the Dark pattern setting do?

A dark pattern is a user interface paradigm that has been purposely engineered to trick users into doing something they didn’t intend to.

This includes but is not limited to trick wording, deliberate obstruction, preselection of form elements, forced actions or more.

Specifically for this plugin, enabling the option will preselect the checkbox. This means the user may complete the checkout without realising they have been added to your subscriber list.

Use this setting at your own discretion, but be aware that at the least it’s considered bad practice to dupe your customers, at worst there may be legal ramifications depending on laws in the country you operate in.

Error codes

Invalid API credentials will return one of two error codes when fetching lists from Campaign Monitor.

Error: {"Code":102,"Message":"Invalid ClientID"}

This means your API Client ID is incorrect.

Error: {"Code":50,"Message":"Must supply a valid HTTP Basic Authorization header"}

This means your API key is incorrect.

Double check the API credentials provided by Campaign Monitor and try again.

Enable logging

Used mainly by developers, enabling this option will assist with troubleshooting by logging API responses from Campaign Monitor to a text file located in:


Note: There is no good reason to keep this option enabled all the time, so be sure to disable it and delete the log file when you have finished debugging.

Where do I enter my license key?

Go to Settings -> Campaign Monitor Pro for Woo and enter your license key.

Once entered and activated, the settings interface will automatically load.

Is the plugin price a one-time payment or an annual subscription?

The choice is yours.

Twelve months after your initial purchase you will have the option to renew your support license, but it’s not mandatory.

Should you decide not to renew your support license, your product will continue to function without any limitations. However, it won’t receive updates or be eligible for support until you renew.


1.0.0 (16th June 2024)

  • Initial release.