About wProject 5.8.0

The latest version of Project has bene released with some notable improvements.

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Rocket Apps Blog: About wProject 5.8.0

The latest version of wProject has been released with some notable improvements.

Although security and performance were the main focus of the upcoming release, some other improvements and fixes were introduced along the way. The most noticeable part of the upgrade is the performance boost, due to a dramatic re-engineering of the functions responsible for handling form submissions, such as creating and editing tasks, project etc.

Here’s a complete breakdown:

  • Improvement: Performance boost.
  • Improvement: Security tweaks.
  • Improvement: Missed time field now auto populates with the current date.
  • Improvement: Project page shows percentage complete in page title.
  • Improvement: Recording time in progress is now indicated in the time table (task page).
  • Improvement: Projects can now be deleted from the ‘Projects’ page.
  • Fix: Issue where you could enter missed time into non-mandatory fields, resulting in a critical failure.
  • Fix: Minor dark mode fixes.
  • Fix: Issue where updating a task status on a project page did not update the percentage indicator.
  • Fix: Issue where deleting a task from the dashboard would not update the view state.
  • Fix: Issue where admin dashboard was occasionally not initially visible.
  • Fix: Issue where date time in dashboard sidebar would disappear when tips were disabled.
  • General maintenance.

Complimenting wProject 5.8.0 are Gantt Pro and Contacts Pro, both of which have been updated to versions 1.6.0 and to be compatible. When you update wProject, be sure to update Gantt Pro and Contacts Pro if you use those plugins.

For what it’s worth, know that this also means Gantt Pro and Contacts Pro will require wProject 5.8.0 at a minimum going forward.

And finally, from now on, the previous version of wProject can be downloaded from the downloads page.

As always your feedback is welcome. Just hit the contact page to message me.

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