Stop wasting time updating the same text in Gravity Forms

Easily create and manage custom dynamic merge tags to use on any page, form, notification, confirmation or template.

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Rocket Apps Blog: Stop wasting time updating the same text in Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is easily one of the best plugins for WordPress, but it does have some slightly annoying limitations.

For example, there have been times where I have added some custom text to a form, a company phone number for example, and then had to add the same text to some other forms.

The client also wants the company phone number on their website, and it occasionally gets mentioned in other pages and blog posts. This is not a problem, until one day the client decides they want to change it.

This is far from convenient, as you will now have to manually seek out every instance of the phone number to change it, and hope you didn’t miss any.

Scenarios similar to this happen often enough that I decided to take matters into my own hands, leading to the development of Merge Tags Pro for Gravity Forms.

How does it work?

Anyone familiar with Gravity Forms will already know about merge tags. Merge tags allow you to insert pre-defined dynamic content into field placeholders and other elements, or into confirmation and notification templates.

Merge Tags Pro for Gravity Forms expands on this functionality by allowing you to not only create your own custom merge tags, but also use them anywhere on your website in a convenient manner, be it a form, confirmation or notification template, content editor (Classic and Gutenberg editors are both supported) or even as a shortcode in your theme templates.

And for those with the skillset, HTML merge tags are also supported to make custom merge tags even more useful.

In short, you create your own custom merge tags and use them wherever you want. And if you even need to make a change, just edit in one place and it will be updated anywhere you have used the merge tag(s) throughout the website.

Why you need Merge Tags Pro

Saves you a bunch of time
No more copy-pasting the same text everywhere. Update it in once place and forget about it.

Super easy to use
No coding required, just create a tag and insert it where needed.

Makes forms super dynamic
Add custom merge tags for greetings, personalised messages, additional dynamic options or anything else that comes to mind.

Learn more about Merge Tags Pro for Gravity Forms.

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