Revamping the Pro Plugin Interface

If you’ve ever toggled between multiple Rocket Apps Pro plugin admin interfaces, you’ve likely noticed some discernible disparities.

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When WordPress plugins become abandoned

Friends don’t let friends run abandoned plugins.

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No, A.I. won’t be replacing your job any time soon

The power of A.I. tools cannot be understated, but creativity limitations work for humans, not against them.

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How the new Rocket Apps website crushes performance metrics

The new Rocket Apps website takes advantage of some common, and not-so-common techniques to crush performance metrics.

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Just launched: Entry Reports Pro for Gravity Forms

It started out very simple, and eventually evolved into a more refined product.

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My thoughts on Conversational Forms

Rocketgenius recently released Conversational Forms for Gravity Forms, and as a long time user I thought I’d take a look.

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wProject theme now has Turkish language support

Thanks for the awesome hard work of Bilal Koç, the wProject theme now has Turkish language support.

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wProject ends support for legacy versions of WordPress

Going forward, wProject will now only be supported on current major versions of WordPress.

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Why you might want to reconsider using a page builder for your next website

I get it. To the layman, the lure of the page builder seems impossible to ignore.

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Task Rocket has reached end of life status

As of today, Task Rocket has officially reached reached permanent end of life status, with wProject being its official successor.

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