Page Feedback Pro

Work towards improving pages by giving users a simple way to provide feedback.

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The settings interface of the Page Feedback Pro plugin for WordPress

What does Page Feedback Pro do?

Page Feedback Pro offers an easy solution for users to provide valuable feedback on any page or post type of your choice.

What settings can be applied?

Page Feedback Pro settings can be configured in Settings -> Page Feedback Pro and has the following options:

Show modified date
Show date the document was last modified.

Show icons
Use iconography in the user interface.

Icons colour
The colour of the SVG icons.

Where to place the feedback interface.

Feedback input field type
Let the user type in feedback in a single text field (200 character max) or a multi-line text area (no limit).

Disable styles
Kill the styles. You will have to write your own CSS.

Last Modified label
Change the “Last Modified” text. Examples: “Last Modified” or “Last Updated”.

How can this document be improved? label
Change the “How can this document be improved?” text.

Was this document helpful? label
Change the “Was this document helpful?” text.

Form submission confirmation text
The message that appears after feedback is submitted.

Cancel label
Change the “Cancel” text.

Yes response
The message that is shown when the user selects “yes”.

Privacy message
Show a privacy message so users know what information (if any) is being sent with their feedback. Example: “Your account details will be included with this feedback.”

User account required
Only show the feedback interface to logged in users.

Include user details with the notification
When feedback is submitted, the user details will be included in the email notification. This option only works when the “User account required” setting is enabled.

Feedback recipient
The email address to send the feedback. If not specified, feedback will be sent to the admin email address.

Send positive feedback email
Also send an email to the recipient above when someone acknowledges a page was helpful.

Post types
Why post types to show the feedback interface.

What does the interface look like for users?

Page Feedback Pro will display a small interface at the end or start of the content of the post types you selected.

You can actually see it in action on this very website. Try this page for example.

Page Feedback Pro

When the user submits feedback:

Page Feedback Pro

When the user clicks yes:

Page Feedback Pro

All the text can be customised from the settings interface.

How do notifications work?

When a user clicks ‘No’ to the ‘Was this page helpful?’ prompt.

To keep things as lean as possible, Page Feedback Pro does not store the submitted feedback in the database. Instead, feedback is emailed to a specified recipient.

When a user clicks ‘Yes’ to the ‘Was this page helpful?’ prompt.

If the options is enabled, a notification is sent to a specified recipient.

What do notifications look like?

An email notification will look like this example when it arrives:

If the option was enabled, the email will also include details of the user (account holder) who submitted the feedback.

Where do I enter my license key?

In WordPress admin, go to Settings-> Page Feedback Pro and enter your license key. Once activated, you will be able to begin using the product.

How many websites can I use Page Feedback Pro on?

A single site license allows Page Feedback Pro to be used on a single domain, although you can purchase a multiple site license if desired.

Is the plugin price a one-time payment or an annual subscription?

The choice is yours.

Twelve months after your initial purchase you will have the option to renew your support license, but it’s not mandatory.

Should you decide not to renew your support license, your product will continue to function without any limitations. However, it won’t receive updates or be eligible for support until you renew.


1.1.0 (5th July 2024)

  • Added option to notify when feedback is positive.

1.0.0 (22nd October 2023)

  • Initial release.