Say hello to Task Rocket. The awesomest project management theme on WordPress..

Drop dead simple project management

Clear Overview

Get a clear understanding of time, costs and anything else happening with your projects at a single glance.


Welcome feedback from other team members, assign tasks to each other, compare respective responsibilities and (optionally) allow your clients* to participate.


View, interact with and send detailed reports via email.

Detailed Gantt

Understand individual or global project schedules in a Gantt chart*.

Custom Add-ons

Extend Task Rocket with optional add-ons for client access, task groups, calendar integration and more.

Made for WordPress

Getting started is easy peasy. Host it yourself, activate the theme and start tasking.

More reasons to Task Rocket

  • Set project timeframes and allocate time
  • Specify different hourly rates on projects
  • Reassign tasks to other team members
  • Set task relationships
  • Create private tasks
  • Set task statuses
  • Create re-usable task groups*
  • Set priorities and due dates
  • Give clients access to specific projects*
  • View and email reports
  • Create and claim unowned tasks
  • View projects and tasks in a Gantt chart*
  • Customise notification options
  • User customisable dashboard options
  • View tasks on Kanban board*
  • Translation ready
  • Collaborate with the team
  • Dedicated Chrome extension
* Requires add-on

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