Just launched: Entry Reports Pro for Gravity Forms

It started out very simple, and eventually evolved into a more refined product.

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Rocket Apps Blog: Just launched: Entry Reports Pro for Gravity Forms

A few weeks ago I was asked to get a report on the number of times users had submitted a particular form between specific dates. A client was running a promotion with the call-to-action ending with the user (hopefully) entering their email address and submitting the form. To get an idea of how the promotion was performing, the client wanted to know how often users were submitting the form each day of the campaign.

No worries, I thought, Gravity Forms probably already does that. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

In fact, Gravity Forms entry reporting has always been lacklustre if I’m being kind. To find out how many entries there are for any given form, you have to go to Forms, Import/Export, select a form, select at least one field, choose a date range and download a CSV.

That’s far from a good experience, and it doesn’t help the client with the aforementioned requirement, unless you want to manually drill down and arrange the rows of a CSV to group similar dates and then add the totals of each date group. And don’t forget the potential for human error in doing all that.

I couldn’t find any Gravity Forms addons, official or third party, that could accomplished the task, and so I was left with little choice and began work on what would become Entry Reports Pro for Gravity Forms.

As a side note, I don’t always casually create a plugin on whim like this. Plugin development involves a lot of complex planning, coding and testing. But given this is a problem I’ve also personally wanted solved and I have occasionally thought about creating a solution, this seemed Ike a good excuse to make it happen.

It started out very simple, and eventually evolved into a more refined product which includes some basic filtering and sorting, presentation choices, the ability to export to CSV (in the required data format), and download a chart screenshot with a single click.

If you’re a Gravity Forms user and you think this level of reporting might be of use to you or your clients, check it out.

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