Maintenance options

wProject includes three maintenance options located within wProject -> Maintenance.

Please note: Only one maintenance option can be executed at a time.

Theme Maintenance

This option clears all theme settings, reverting them to the default configurations. Only do this if you want to start fresh.

Notification Message Maintenance

In a prior wProject version, deleted messages were moved to the trash (this is no longer the case since version 5.0.0). Since trashed messages serve no purpose, it was decided to permanently delete them. WordPress automatically purges trashed posts every thirty days. Therefore, you may not need to use this maintenance function if you have messages in the trash. It’s safe to delete them manually or by running this maintenance function.

Database Maintenance

Note: A previous wProject update resulted in some duplicated post meta and orphaned tasks, causing inaccurate task counts under certain circumstances. If you have been using wProject since before October 27, 2022, it’s recommended to run this function once.

You may also consider running this function if you delete projects from the WordPress admin. Deleting projects from the admin (not recommended) will leave tasks within those projects as orphans. Running this function will help maintain smooth operations.

To identify orphaned tasks, log in to WordPress admin and go to Tasks. Any tasks labelled as [Orphan] are not associated with any project. You can manually delete these orphaned tasks or run the Database maintenance function to remove them all at once. This ensures your wProject instance operates smoothly and efficiently.