wProject offers a set of distinct and limited roles, each serving specific functions within the system:

Project Manager

This role encompasses the responsibilities typically associated with project management, including the coordination and oversight of various project-related tasks.

Team Member

Team Members possess the ability to manage their individual tasks and, if configured within wProject settings, may have additional capabilities.


Observers are granted comprehensive visibility into the system, with read-only access to the entire front-end interface (introduced since version 2.4.0).


Operators have access to the management of wProject settings in the back-end, while they are devoid of front-end access (effective since version 2.0.0).


In cases where the Clients Pro plugin is enabled, clients are assigned limited capabilities that can be customised as per your requirements in the settings interface.

Important Notes About Roles

It is essential to note that employing third-party role management plugins may lead to unforeseen complications. Some of these plugins have been known to disrupt role functionality, even after their deactivation, potentially rendering wProject inoperable. It is imperative that each user within wProject is exclusively assigned one of the roles listed above, and that role assignment adheres strictly to the standard WordPress method.

If you have utilised a third-party plugin for role management and are currently experiencing issues, the sole resolution may involve revoking the capabilities and roles of the affected users, or potentially all users (excluding the primary administrator), followed by the reassignment of their respective roles.