Supported languages

Currently, wProject supports the following languages:

  • English UK
  • English US
  • Português do Brasil (thanks to Adriano Dias)
  • Italiano (thanks to Luca Alberto Deodati)
  • Turkish (thanks to Bilal Koç)

Additionally, support for LTR (Left-to-Right) languages is actively being developed by a third-party, with work initiated in October 2023.

To change the language, navigate to Settings -> General, and scroll down to the Site Language section.

Please note: Translations are contributed by members of the wProject community and may not always be maintained at 100% accuracy.

If you’re interested in translating wProject into your native language, you’ll require translation software, such as a WordPress plugin (free options like Loco are available) or a desktop application like POeditor.

Once you’ve completed the translation, kindly send the files to You’ll be credited on the Assists page within wProject theme settings and the list above.

As a token of appreciation, you’ll also receive an additional two years of product licenses for each product you translate.

Be sure to make contact if you have any questions.