How to reassign multiple tasks in a project to another user

At this time, reassigning multiple tasks in a project to another user can only be done in the WordPress back-end. This might be helpful, for example, where a project has several tasks assigned to a particular user but those tasks need to be reassigned to a different user (and reassigning each task one by one would be too inconvenient).

Follow these steps:

  • In WordPress admin, go to Tasks -> Projects
  • Locate the project in question and click on the count in the Tasks Column

WordPress Project Management

The remaining steps are carried out the same as you would when bulk editing any WordPress posts or pages.

  • Select the checkboxes next to the tasks that need to be reassigned
  • In the Bulk Actions selector click Edit and click Apply
  • Change the Author to the intended new task owner
  • Click Update

WordPress Project Management

The tasks that you selected in that project will now be assigned to the new user.