How to transfer management of all your projects

Who can transfer management of a project?

If you are a Project Manager or Administrator, you now have the capability, starting from version 4.4.0, to transfer the management of all your projects to another Project Manager.

This feature can prove to be quite useful in various scenarios. For instance, as a Project Manager, you might need someone else to assume responsibility for your projects due to:

  • You leaving the organization.
  • Preparing for an extended leave.
  • No longer holding the role of a Project Manager.

To initiate the transfer of project management

  • Navigate to the Team page and access the profile of the user to whom you wish to transfer your projects.
  • In the right pane, click on Give my projects to.
  • Follow the two confirmation prompts to complete the transfer process.

The new owner of the projects will receive an email notification informing them of their newly inherited projects.

Please note that this feature is accessible exclusively to Project Managers and Administrators.