What are Task Groups and how to use them

What Are Task Groups?

Task groups are a convenient way to streamline your project management process. These groups contains a collection of tasks that can be effortlessly incorporated into a project during its initial setup.

For instance, consider a website development project. It typically entails a set of recurrent tasks, along with their corresponding subtasks. Manually entering these tasks for each new website project can be quite cumbersome. However, by establishing a task group, you can enter these routine web development tasks just once and assign them a meaningful name, like “Web Development Tasks,” for example. Then, whenever you begin a new project, you’ll have the option to include all the tasks from the “Web Development Tasks” group you’ve configured.

Creating a Task Group

Task groups are exclusively created within the WordPress admin interface, which means you must have administrator privileges or be a project manager with admin access. Here’s how you can set up a task group:

  • Navigate to Task Groups -> Add Group Item.
  • Provide a name for the group item, such as “Web Development Tasks” for example
  • Click the Publish button.

Now, you’re ready to start adding tasks to the “Web Development Tasks” group:

  • Go to Task Groups -> Add Group Item.
  • Name the task.
  • In the Add to task group metabox, select the group to which this task belongs (in this example, choose “Web Development Tasks”).
  • Fill in task details, specifying the level of information required. If the task is specific to a team member, you can assign them as the author.
  • Click the Publish button.

Feel free to continue adding as many tasks as you need to this group, or create additional groups as necessary.

Applying a Task Group When Creating a New Project

When you’re in the process of initiating a new project, use the Task Groups selector to choose a relevant task group.

However, you can only apply one task group at the time of create a new project (task groups cannot be added to existing projects).

When selecting a task group, you will have the option to determine task ownership with the following choices:

  • Unchanged: The original ownership of each task in the group will be maintained as initially configured.
  • Remove ownership: All tasks will be created without a designated owner, enabling team members to claim them as needed.
  • Assign all tasks in this project to: You can choose a user to whom all the tasks within the project will belong.

Task groups serve as a powerful tool to simplify project setup and management, making the process more efficient and less prone to errors.