What are Task Groups and how to use them

What are Task Groups?

A task group is a group of tasks that can be added to a project when it is first created.

Using a website project as an example, there are typically several common tasks (and subtasks) that need to be carried out every time. But it would be painful to have to manually enter these tasks into wProject every time you create a new website project.

By setting up a task group, you can enter all the common web development tasks just once and give it a suitable name, such as Web Dev Tasks for example. Then any time you go to create a new project, you will have the option to include all the tasks from the Web Dev Tasks group you created.

How to create a Task Group

Task Groups can only be created in WordPress admin, so you will need to be administrator or a project manager with admin access.

The first thing you will need to to is create a name for your Task Group:

  1. Go to Task Groups -> Add Group Item
  2. Give the Group Item a name. For example: Web Dev Tasks
  3. Click the Publish button

Now you can start adding tasks into the Web Dev Tasks group.

  1. Go to Task Groups -> Add Group Item
  2. Give the task a name
  3. In the Add to task group metabox, select the group you want this task to belong to (for this example, select Web Dev Tasks)
  4. Fill in as much or as little detail as you want for the task (if the task is always going to be for a specific team member, then make them the author)
  5. Click the Publish button

You may continue adding as many tasks as you want into this group, or any other group you create.

How to apply a task group when creating a new project

When creating a new project, use the Task Groups selector to choose a task group.

Note: You can only apply one Task Group to new projects. You can’t add Task Groups to existing projects.

When selecting a task group, you will be prompted to choose the task ownership. The options are:

  • Unchanged: The owner of each task in the group will remain as you set them up originally
  • Remove ownership: All tasks will be created without an owner, giving team members the opportunity to claim any of the tasks.
  • Assign all tasks in this project to: Choose a user that all the tasks will belong to.

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